Loskii NB-UE008 Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Anti Mosquito Repeller


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Ultrasonic mosquito repellent is an imitation of the frequency of male mosquito predators dragonfly or driven to achieve the effect of female mosquitoes bite a by product.
It is safe, non-toxic, completely harmless to humans and animals, without any chemical residue-free, is home travel, fishing, barbecue, camping, shade ideal companion.

The Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller uses an advanced technolgy insect repellent that makes outdoor living and activities more enjoyable keeping away from the annoyance of mosquitoes.
It works to help protect you while you’re fishing, camping, hiking, jogging, on the golf course.

Effective range of about 6-8 feet

Specification :
Color : Silver
Material : Plastic Electronic Components
Dimentions : 5.5*3.5*1.5CM
Weight : 25g

How to use:
Open the battery cover and install a CR2032 coin cell battery with the literal outward
Switch to the right for the simulation of the middle voice of dragonflies and bats.
Allocated to the right location for the simulation of sound public jitter mosquito wings.

Package Included
1 x Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller
1 x Cell Battery


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