30x100cm Microfiber Super Absorbent Summer Cold Towel Sports Beach Hiking Travel Cooling Washcloth


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This is a superior microfiber towel, lighter than other ordinary fabric.
Magic cooling towel adopts adavanced PVA cooling technology which have the special structure of moisture absorption, hydrological cycle and evaporation of water.
As long as there’s water, whether it is warm water or hot water, the towel can be instant quick-cooling to keep you cool in summer.
It is the first choice for all kinds of sports, beach, hiking, travel, outdoor labor or etc.
It must be an ideal gift for your family, friends and lover in this summer.

Material: Microfiber Fabric
Technics: Plain weave
Weight: 52g
Size: 30x100cm
Color: Gray, Orange, Rose red, Light blue,Dark blue, Fluorscent green

Wring the wet towel , shake it several times, it will turn cold after seconds later.
If the product become warm, please shake again several times, it will continue to get cool.

Package included:
1x Cold Towel

Using method:

▪First use, wash the product with water, the product contained fungicide Clear.
▪After use, the absorbent ice towel wash saved.
▪This product is exposed to the air for long periods of time will lose moisture and become dries hard, prevent bacterial invasion hygiene.
▪The next time when you use sponge towel, soaked in warm water for a few seconds, it will return to soft, does not affect the results.


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