Multi-function Storage Box Drawer Type Wardrobe Layering Shelf Kitchen Organization Baskets


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Color: White
Material: PP
Scope: bed, bathroom, wardrobe
Features: safe and environmentally friendly, washable, portable, large capacity, detachable,
Small Size: 33*42.5*18cm/13*16.7*7.1″
Large Size: 33*42.5*25cm/13*16.7*9.8″
– Easy to assemble, stacked storage, drawer;
– Layered storage, with guardrail;
– Help you to say goodbye to the mess and return to order, do not spend time looking for clothes, quickly find the clothes you want to wear;
– The sliding track of the storage box is easy to push and pull, and the drawing is smooth, and which clothes can be quickly found;
– The thick material has strong bearing capacity, the three-dimensional stack does not collapse, and it is durable and has a long service life;
– The storage space that will breathe, the side hollow design, reducing the mildew of the clothes;
– Applicable to: bedroom, professional women with storage habits, housewives, etc., is a good helper for your home.
Package Included:
1 Pcs x Wardrobe Finishing Rack


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