Square Colorful Wall Mounted Coats Hooks Single Robe Towels Hook Door Hangers


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Features :
Sweet and brilliant colors, let the family added sort of beauty and passion, stirring our hearts.
Elegant and dazzling colors the best interpretation of a first class production technology and comfortable life.
Pursuit stems from lifestyle with a passion to temper the extraordinary dedication hu classical tolerance.
100% space aluminum products, solid thick, hanging everyday items, stature is small, but it can solve a big problem
Single Hat Coat Robe Door Wall Bath Rack Hook Hanger.
Multi Purpose twin hook hanger. Designed to hang different types clothing.
Items on walls and surfaces. Fixing screws included
Size: As shown
Color: Gold,Orange, Champagne, White, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Black, Purple, Green, Red
Material: Space Alluminum
Installion Steps:
Step1 In the first wall measuring two hole distance,marked on the mark with percussion drill.
Step2 Hammer expansion particles into the wall.
Step3 The pendant base screw holes in alignment with a screwdriver screw
Step4 Put the hook into the base,adjust the distance required,using screw with screw hook.
Package Included:
1x Hanger
3x Mounting Hardware


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